I’ve always snuck around the office, usually in the restroom, to take a few puffs of my vapor cig in secrecy as to not offend or freak anyone out.  Well recently, I’ve started taking a few puffs sitting at my desk, just to see the reaction of fellow employees and the boss man.  It turned out that almost a 3rd of the employees have been doing the same thing!  We all got together and spoke to the boss about our vapor cigs and he decided to let us puff our vapor cigs at our desks as a trial run.

So far, so good!  Everyone seems to be in better spirits and work efficiency has definitely gone up as employees are not taking random “bathroom breaks” throughout the day.  Other employees, so far, are taking our vapor cigs usage with no problems.

With no lingering orders, second hand smoke, or a smokey room happening, they are cool with our vapor cigs!  Hopefully, you’ll have the same experience in the office I’ve had!