Best Electronic Cig

The best electronic cigs will have features that transcend disposable and refillable or rechargeable.  Whichever electronic cig type by category will still have a thick vapor, good flavor, a solid delivery of buzz for nicotine and will really feel comparable to a real cigarette in weight and it vapor clouds.

The smoking experience will always dictate which is the best electronic cig.  The ones with the best draw and sizeable vapor cloud will always be considered the best electronic cig whether that is in the refillable or the rechargeable or the disposable electronic cig category.

As well, the price of the electronic cigarette will matter as will the price of the refills.  Again, when price is taken into account for some of the score on the overall view of the e cig, it will be which delivers on all of those fronts with the most volume per dollar spent as well as quality per dollar spent.

Meaning some of the best electronic cigarettes may not be the most expensive or may not be the top of the very top in terms of experience depending on what is more important to you.  Just try to scale the items into what makes the strongest average checklist.

Electronic Vapor Cig

Electronic vapor cig broadly speaks to electronic vapor cigarettes in both rechargeable and refillable versions.  Both of of those vapor cig types give way to many combinations and flavors of what is refillable or rechargeable or how many types of disposable electronic cigs there are.

The types and permutations seem endless online or in stores.  Knowing which electronic vapor cigs are which and which are the best ones to buy will be critical in the future, especially where it involves buying an electronic vapor cig kit.  These are the ones you buy refill vapor cig cartridges to and due to this, you will want to pick one that will keep you very happy and satisfied.

We will talk about the different types and what they do or don’t do.  We’ll even have reviews and discounted prices on the best electronic vapor cigs.  We will always do our best to keep you informed as much as possible and as often as possible when it comes to electronic vapor cigs.

We have a lot to say and many more electronic vapor cig posts to go friends.

Electronic Vapor Cigs In Office

I’ve always snuck around the office, usually in the restroom, to take a few puffs of my vapor cig in secrecy as to not offend or freak anyone out.  Well recently, I’ve started taking a few puffs sitting at my desk, just to see the reaction of fellow employees and the boss man.  It turned out that almost a 3rd of the employees have been doing the same thing!  We all got together and spoke to the boss about our vapor cigs and he decided to let us puff our vapor cigs at our desks as a trial run.

So far, so good!  Everyone seems to be in better spirits and work efficiency has definitely gone up as employees are not taking random “bathroom breaks” throughout the day.  Other employees, so far, are taking our vapor cigs usage with no problems.

With no lingering orders, second hand smoke, or a smokey room happening, they are cool with our vapor cigs!  Hopefully, you’ll have the same experience in the office I’ve had!

No Vapor Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes only work with water vapor.  The water vapor is the only means to deliver nicotine to your body.  A no vapor electronic cigarette does not exist because there is no other means to vaporize the nicotine solution and deliver it to your body.  The water vapor also appears as smoke – which is part of the process to make it look like you are smoking a real cigarette.

Without water vapor, an electronic cigarette cannot create fake smoke and does not have a mechanism to deliver you nicotine.

So stop looking for a no vapor electronic cigarette.

High Vapor Producing E Cig

To any real hardcore smoker the ability of a e cig to producing high vapor is the only real criteria of whether a electronic vapor cig is an adequate replacement to a traditional cig.

As a hardcore smoker, all we really care about is getting that nicotine high that we have grown accustomed with smoking with a real cigarette.  To me saying that something produce a high amount of vapor is similar to saying that it allows you to draw a lot of smoke.

Given that I have smoke most of e cigs on the market, I must say that not all e cigs can give you the equivalent draw that a real cigarette can.

And the number of cigs that can give you the proper draw and still look and weigh like a real cigarette diminishes considerably as well.  In the future we will be reviewing and discussing the type of e cigarettes that give you that high vapor draw that is worthy of your hard earned money.

So you really need to look around before you buy one.  Especially if this is your first one ever.

Clean Electronic E Cig

So you finally got your first electronic e cig and you are not sure how to clean it.  You been smoking while you eat and you its all sticky.  Well its not hard to clean your e cig.  All you have to do is clean it with a wipe cloth while the cartomizer is inserted into the battery.

You will not get electrocuted.  Just because it is called an electronic cig does not mean that it has enough electricity going through it to electrocute you.  Think of it as a cellphone that gets dirty and you need to wipe it clean.

They are both powered by a electrical battery.  But neither is strong enough to electrocute you.  So just dampen a piece of water towel and wipe it clean.

That is all that you have to do.  The surface of these cigs is very slick so most things will come right off it.  The cartridge or cartomizers are disposable so you don’t need to keep those clean since you thrown them out once you are done smoking them of nicotine.

That’s wasn’t so hard was it.